Гарантия качества

The quality of our work can be measured by the satisfaction of our patients and the success of our therapies. As a matter of course, this is based on the medical know-how and experience of our doctors. Constant training and regular exchange of information and experience with colleagues are required to be able to always offer the best therapy to our patients.
Quality management and quality assurance are as important in medicine as anywhere else.  At our practice, we use methods to constantly check, standardise and improve the quality of our work.
Structural quality: Our working environment at the practice meets the highest requirements. The operating theatres at the ATOS Clinic and at the Outpatient OP Centre, the inpatient wards as well as the sterilisation departments have been certified according to DIN ISO 9001.
To improve process quality we use the QEP quality management system (quality and development at medical practices) which was developed especially for medical practices.
Improvement is only possible, if the opinion of patients is known (quality of results). This is the reason why our patients get the chance to rate us. The DocInsider online portal is publicly accessible. The ratings are visible to any visitor to the portal.
Our operations are constantly recorded, evaluated and improved with regard to treatment success and the rate of complications. Here as well, internal reporting, assessment and rating of the patients themselves are important. The data are recorded online by BVASK (Professional Association for Arthroscopy) using Qualis®; hereby, absolute data protection is guaranteed and the data are transferred to the surgeon himself/herself only.

Dr. Klonz is a consulting doctor and investigator to the Commission for Quality Assurance in Arthroscopy of the KVBW.
All measures mentioned serve your health and safety.