Medical Doctor

Specialist for Orthopedics

Orthopedic Surgery and Trauma Surgery

In 2005, Dr. med. Andreas Klonz together with Prof. Dr. med. Habermeyer opened the outpatient emergency department at the ATOS Clinic. Dr. med. Klonz has specialised in the treatment of injuries to the musculoskeletal system, such as bone fractures, joint problems and tendon / ligament / meniscus injuries in particular.
His special focus is on the treatment of sports injuries.  From 2008 through to 2013, he had been the team doctor of the German handball league team ‘Rhein-Neckar-Löwen’.  Currently, he is the deputy team doctor of the ice hockey team ‘Adler Mannheim’.
Dr. Klonz is married and father of two boys. During his youth and university time, he played handball in a higher league himself, as well as football and tennis. Presently he keeps fit by mountain biking, skiing and fitness training.


Range of services — focus points:

Shoulder Surgery

Elbow Surgery

Fracture treatment (surgical and conservative)

Minimally invasive surgery



Studium der Humanmedizin
Medizinische Hochschule Hannover

Clinical career

  •     1994 Visiting Physician in orthopaedics and traumatology, Orthopaedic Department of the Buffalo General Hospital, Buffalo, N.Y., USA
  •     1996 4 months of orthopaedics training at the Schulthess Clinic, Beat Simmen, Hans-Kaspar Schwyzer, Jochen Löhr, Norbert Gschwend, Zurich
  •     Doctorate at the Department for Applied Anatomy at Hanover
  •     Medical School
  •     1997 Qualification in trauma surgery, City Clinics Braunschweig, Prof. Reilmann
  •     1998-1999 Qualification in cardio-thoracic and vascular surgery, City Clinics Braunschweig, Prof. Frank
  •     1999-2002 Qualification in visceral surgery, City Clinics Braunschweig, Prof. Wagner
  •     2002 Qualification in trauma surgery, City Clinics Braunschweig, Prof. H. Reilmann
  •     2002 Specialist for General Surgery
  •     1999-2005 Emergency physician of the professional fire brigade Braunschweig
  •     2002 Authorisation to teach emergency medicine
  •     2004 Nominated ‘Leading Emergency Physician’ of the city of Braunschweig
  •     2003-2005 Senior Physician of the Department for Trauma Surgery at the City Clinics Braunschweig
  •     2005 Specialist for Trauma Surgery
  •     10/2005 Nominated examining physician of the employers’ liability insurance association (work and school accidents)
  •     10/2005 Private and accident insurance consultant practice at the ATOS Clinic Heidelberg
  •     Attending Physician at the ATOS Clinic
  •     2005 -2008 Medical consultant of the Centre for Shoulder and Elbow Surgery (Prof. Habermeyer/Dr. Lichtenberg) for the treatment of emergencies and acute injuries in the shoulder and elbow area
  •     since 01/2007 Cooperation with the OP Centre Heidelberg (OPC) for outpatient surgery
  •     01/2008 Dr. med. Guido Volk taken on as partner at the practice
  •     01/2008 Specialist in orthopaedics and trauma surgery
  •     2008-2013 Team physician of the German handball league team ‘Rhein-Neckar Löwen’
  •     04/2008 Admission as statutory health insurance physician
  •    2013 consulting doctor and investigator to the Commission for Quality Assurance in Arthroscopy of the ‘KVBW’ of the health insurance system
  •    2017 head of the Commission for Quality Assurance in Arthroscopy of the ‘KVBW’ of the health insurance system

Memberships in professional societies

  • Member of Deutschen Gesellschaft für Orthopädie und Unfallchirurgie (DGOU)
  • Member of Deutschsprachigen Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Arthoskopie (AGA)
  • Member of Gesellschaft für Orthopädie und Traumatologie im Sport (GOTS)
  • consulting doctor and investigator to the Commission for Quality Assurance in Arthroscopy of the KVBW
  • head of the Commission for Quality Assurance in Arthroscopy of the ‘KVBW’ of the health insurance system


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Current topics:

  1. Results after non-operative treatment of partial ruptures of the distal biceps tendon

— ongoing prospective study


  1. Results after operative and conservative treatment of distal biceps tendon rupture within the first 12 months

Ergebnisse nach operativer oder konservativer Behandlung der Komplettruptur der distalen Bizepssehne im Verlauf der ersten 12 Monate

— ongoing prospective study


  1. Chronic instability of the AC-joint – results after stabilization without a tendon graft.

retrospective study – data completed





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Legal professional denomination: Facharzt für Chirurgie, Orthopädie und Unfallchirurgie, Spezielle Unfallchirurgie (Specialist for Surgery, Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery, Special Trauma Surgery), conferred at the Federal Republic of Germany

Medical Association: State Medical Association of Baden-Württemberg



Dr. med. Andreas Klonz

Bewertung - Docinsider

Facharzt für Chirurgie, Unfallchirurgie und Orthopädie – Spezielle Unfallchirurgie