Focus Points

SPORTCHIRURGIE HEIDELBERG at the ATOS Clinic specializes in the treatment of bone fractures and sports injuries, such as torn tendons, ligaments and meniscus, as well as cartilage and arthrosis therapy. We treat you without surgery whenever possible, otherwise mostly in the form of fine minimally invasive surgery.

On our homepage you will find detailed information about our surgical focus. Click on the points on our model on the top right or follow this link.

In order to provide our patients with the highest level of expertise and safety, our physicians have targeted different areas of specialization.

Dr. Klonz is our specialist for shoulder and elbow, Dr. Thier for hip and knee. Dr. Weinkauf knee and shoulder and Dr. Weber knee and pediatric orthopedics.

Sports and the treatment of athletes are our passion – because we are athletes ourselves. The national rugby teams and several rugby league teams, the field hockey ladies of the MHC (1st Bundesliga), the handball players of the HG Oftersheim/Schwetzingen and other highly ambitious teams and individual athletes from the region trust our competence!

We love our profession and want the same for every patient: competent advice at eye level and therapies that get you moving again. We doctors and our practice team strive with heart and competence to make you feel comfortable and at ease. Through great personal and time commitment, we are available for urgent cases. We act in your best interest. Contact us – we are glad to be there for you.