Specialist for orthopedics and trauma surgery

Benjamin Weinkauf, MD, has been a member of the SPORTCHIRURGIE Heidelberg team at the ATOS Clinic since 01.07.2020.

He is also a former lead athlete. Unlike his colleagues, he was not successful in rugby, but was a long-time top performer on the national fencing team. Already in the youth and junior class he won 2 world championship titles as well as 1 European championship title. In total, he was in the national squad of the DFB from 1998-2004 and a reliable participant in the World Cup circus of the active. After finishing his career, he was able to transfer this sporting ambition into medicine and, due to his own experience, especially into sports medicine.

He specializes in the treatment of injuries and damage to the shoulder and knee joints. Here, his main focus is on joint-preserving and reconstructive surgery.

Since 2017, Dr. Weinkauf has been a member of the medical commission of the German Fencing Association. Here he looks after the members of the national team of the German Fencing Federation at national and international tournaments such as the 2017 World Championships in Leipzig or the 2018 European Championships in Novi Sad Serbia.

Dr. Weinkauf is married, has a daughter and lives in a small winegrowing village near Landau in the Palatinate. Furthermore, he remains faithful to sports in his spare time.


Minimally invasive and arthroscopic surgeries in shoulder, knee and ankle joints.

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Dr. med. Benjamin Weinkauf


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